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RCBC5 is a new cannabinoid product, RCBC5 intended for scientific research purposes only.

Purity : 99.5%



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  1. Chemically induced happiness

    Product is almost furry looking. It resembles fiber glass mixed with fish scale cocaine. Yet it is supposed to be some type of cannibinoid. I don’t like that they don’t give you the name of it so you can’t check what the potency is supposed to be. When broken down and diluted with high purity alcohol most dissolves but weird fiberglass like substance seems to sink to the bottom and congeal. Potency was very low. Or quality was very off. If this is supposed to be 5cla which I know to be a very strong chemical it is a very very weak version of it. 5cla is known to be active in the microgram range and this seams to most definitely be high milligram range. I could have just receive a poor batch. Or a defective batch. I ordered 5 grams and the mice didn’t seem to enjoy it as much as 7add. That was a very good research chemical. I thought this would be good but maybe it just a bad batch there is no way the mice needed to consume 1/3 of a gram to feel something significant. Very disappointed. Rcb usually has top notch quality. Bring back real 5cla! Or5add or 7add EVEN RCAD wasn’t that bad but that is all sold put also.!!

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  2. SWIM

    Very weak. Totally agree with previous comment, bring back old school or different. For 450g of leaf material-250g substance was applied and still very mild. I give 2 Stars for mice not being cranky but not happy just 😐😐😐.

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