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DC2 stimulant

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DC2 is a new stimulant research chemcial!
Purity: ≥99.5%
All chemicals sold from rcbonline.biz will be only applied for scientific research purpose!


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  1. rcfuns**

    Great, and I just want to say you guys have been a pleasure to work with. If there’s anywhere you would like me to sing your praises let me know it would be a pleasure. You guys are great and the real deal. Which is rare in rcs as you may know.

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  2. Chilling_Chuckles

    Clearly u guys r amazing and caring, beware this dc2 is pretty strong and if administered in any for other than capsule u will hate ufself, not fun and hurts like hell

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  3. Kaptain haze

    Every package delivered no issues. Dc2 is good. Dissolves snot and mega drip if snorted. Tastes and smells like mdma. When it arrived it was brown, but it changed colour to black over a week. Good product. Great vendor.

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  4. Lulz

    Dc2 is mild at threshold amounts and seems like weaker amphetamines, re-researching produces euphoric effects and stronger empathogen effects along side increased libido. Surely a decent compound, it seems like a milder 5-apb/6-apb. Or like a weaker mda/mdma. It is colored like dirty sand with solid black chunks within. I advise to keep in a dry cool dark storage area as I believe it may degrade if exposed to air or light. It is enjoyable to do experiments with. Fun and strange little molecule to say the least. If you like serotogenic and empathogenic effects this is definitely for you. Not a strong body load definitely more headspace than anything, however some physical effects observed.

    Package speed and discretion is absolutely on point. Very quick shipping and very nice forwarding process used by RCB. You won’t be disappointed when ordering and you’re in good hands.

    Happy researching

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  5. Snipes777

    Great for research purposes, in mice it was found to be a strong stimulant, seems to have an affinity for the serotonin receptors and the mice showed some psychedelic similarities as well. 5 stars to the vendor for the quality of product and customer service, wish the shipping was a bit faster but I have placed multiple orders and have yet to have any issues or complaints

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  6. Kristopher Murch

    I have received 2 batches from RCBonline of ‘DC2’
    The new batch is much better than the original.
    The old batch the stuff was not crystalized very well and it would degrade when left out in open air change colour from brown to black/purple. Effects were more euphoric than stimulating. aniseed taste and smell. It would dissolve mucus and would get a really bad drip in back of throat when insufflated . It was still enjoyable and a good buy. The new batch is a great improvement, i’ll review it below:
    New Batch:

    – White with a hint of brown
    – Hard rocky crystalline substance, strong but easy enough to crush.
    – Mdma/Aniseed but very faint compared to the last batch.
    – Stimulating
    – Euphoric
    – Intense Concentration
    – Talkative
    – Overall improved mood without any swings.
    – light – 30mg
    – average – 60mg
    – heavy – 100mg+
    Insufflating you feel effects almost instantly, huge rush.
    oral effects take a few minutes to be present and come up more gradually.
    – 4-8 hours with some after effects and trouble sleeping.

    – Mdma – Close and good alternative but much more stimulating and head floating.
    – Ephylone – Very similar.
    – Mephedrone – Similar, more euphoric and shorter duration.

    Test Kit:
    – Mandelin – reacts immediately – orange yellow
    – Marquis – no reaction
    – Mecke – Slowly changed colour – yellow orange gold
    – Simons – fizz but no colour change
    – Buffer – no reaction.
    It tested similar to methylone/ethylone but marquis reacted like mephedrone.

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  7. anonnz

    10/10 customer service, was worried about shipping but everything arrived perfectly.

    My current DC2 research shows vastly increased performance and stimulation without being too pushy, quite talkative, slight mood boost at 10/20mg. Work performance was vastly increased in terms of stimulation, strength, speed & alertness while also keeping a slight mood boost. Further research needed for Euphoria however at larger doses euphoria seems to increase alongside talkativeness. So far research is going well. I would recommend this chemical for research purposes, it is very interesting indeed.

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  8. artcoleman

    Powerful stimulant effects. Sounds like delic noticed. Insufflation is not bad some drip but not too much pain.. somewhat over underwhelming compared to those used to hard street drugs but in the RC world this i alternative to stimulants. Euphoric effect so I enjoyable to those seeking that sort of thing ,

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