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EU36 stimulant

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EU36 is a new stimulant research chemcial!
Purity: ≥99.5%
All chemicals sold from rcbonline.biz will be only applied for scientific research purpose!



1,000g, 100g, 10g, 10kg, 1g, 2000g, 250g, 25g, 2g, 2kg, 3g, 500g, 50g, 5g, 5kg

4 reviews for EU36

  1. pool

    Good stealth and fast shipping! I must say the EU38 mixed with the EU36 was a huge success.

  2. BlueCerberus88 (verified owner)

    Packaging was very discreet and i received my order almost 3 weeks after placing, plan to begin my research later this evening!

  3. ben**zole

    I could not be happier received package on the 24th of Dec. 14 days to my door. I so appreciate everything that you guys do. Thanks to you!

  4. Kristopher Murch (verified owner)

    Fast shipping into Aus. Eu36 is not as stimulating as Ephylone. Good euphoria properties. Tastes and smells like methylone/ethylone. 100mg+ needed for good effects. Mixing with EU38 was good.

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