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RCBC1 is a new legal cannabinoid product, rcbc1 supposed be the best cannabinoids on market! it intended for scientific research purposes only. Purity : 99.5%



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  1. Manager

    Please leave your reviews if you like this prouduct!

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  2. Lulz

    This is an amazing product. I absolutely love this cannabinoid. It reminded me of old generation 1 and 2 cannabinoids. It feels very much like natural cannabis except with a little more intensity. It is active at very small amounts, however you can increase your dosage gradually until desired results are achieved. Even with larger amounts this product is amazing and very much one of the best compounds of this class I have encountered. It’s not overwhelming and it’s not mild it hits right in the sweet spot.
    I advise diffusing this product onto something like herbal or even paper. That way you can start with a small dosage and find your ideal amount. Look these guys can make some good cannabinoids if I say so myself the proof is the product. It arrived exactly as pictured. A reddish pink chunky substance. It was very professionally packed. And the shipping speed was just super fast two weeks on the day to the states. That is unheard of speed from China. I don’t know how these guys do it but this stuff is amazing they’re amazing and I love the quality and purity of this product. It has a rather pungent odor in the bag and when it is researched so get a candle to drown that out. But man are you gonna be Happy with the resulting research you can do and the amount of research you can do!! But people remember a little goes a long way, dilute dilute dilute!!! Potent stuff. RCB you guys rock!!!! Love the product and everyone who buys it will too.
    And people remember safety first research carefully until you know how to research further.
    You can also find my report by googling ” bluelight rcbc1 “

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  3. Chemical enthusiast

    I think the high was ok spacey not super strong but not mild either. It made my mice cough a lot. My sample was flubromazapam. It was very strong and lasted forever. Shipping was good except the first order disappeared but they sent me it again and I got it in about 12 days or so. They are a legit site hard to find anymore. Thank you rcb will be ordering again soon. Five stars.

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  4. Chemically induced happiness

    Too harsh to smoke and tonweaknfornthat much coughing idk what that guy is used to smoking whon was ranting and raving about how amazing the quality is reg. Old Mexican brick weed is stronger than this literally at 40 an Oz of it that type od trash weed seriously is stronger than this smh

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