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If your order is over 1000$, you can add  5  free samples into the cart at most!
If your order is between 500$ – 1000$, you can add  free samples!
If your order is between 300$ – 500$, you can add  3  free samples!
If your order is between 200$ – 300$, you can add  free samples!
If your order is less than 200$, you can add  free sample!

If you add too many free samples we will select  randomly!

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DC2 -1g, RCBC1 -1g, H24 -1g, RCBC5 -1g

14 reviews for Free Samples

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  1. zcoma***

    This is amazing! love this offer from RCB!

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  2. Justin Hathaway

    Great product couldn’t ask for better very pleased!!!

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  3. William

    Can’t wait to try products

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  4. Missy Baffles

    Its is an often recited proverb, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is…” This is one fine counter example to such cliches. Based on the size of your purchase, you can included 1 – 3 FREE samples in your order. In my last order of 2-fdck I got samples of bmdp & ebk (1.5 grams each.) And I’m pleased to add that both free samples worked in the lab wonderfully proving efficiency and purity of both products. While both had similar stimulative/euphoric results during lab analysis, they were also quite distinct in characteristics of their individual profiles. Ultimately, both were regarded highly for quality and purity, leading to very successful initial tests in the lab. Hoping to see ebk restocked for purchasing. Meanwhile, bmdp provides our lab with new research opportunities we were previously unaware of. Finally, the shipping and service was fast (both in products received and in emails returned,) and after nearly 2 years of business with RCB, I am easily able to recommend them to any labs looking to do research with this class of novel compounds.
    Thanks RCB~

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  5. iLLL

    top business in this industry!

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  6. SaulGoodman

    Please add all my samples due to the incredibly long wait time on my last order. I freelance research and it nearly got me evicted, other than that you guys are MORE THAN AWESOME, reliable, and amazing

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  7. Eric Amatangelo


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  8. dave

    bromazolam id powerful highly reccomended. just be very carefu with dosing

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  9. Toogood

    The Flubromazepam was so clean. Its
    exactly what it should be effect wise. And pure white no weird coloring . This stuff if from the source
    A great team here.

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  10. TA

    Received 100mg of Bromaz’ for my free sample.. in vitro research indicates that this compound is active @ the sub-mg range – around 250ug/micrograms is all that is required for an effective dose with a predicted duration of approx. 6 – 10hrs with little-no noticeable amnesic effects. A very promising ‘benzalogue’ indeed. I look forward to ordering more of this product very soon, as well as trying some of the stimulants as free samples for the next order. Much love and respect to the team @ RCB.

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  11. DonL

    Very smart for RCB to do this. Mice were able to discover two new items that they thouroughly enjoyed. The next order will be a paid, quantity order to RCB because of this. Just wish they could add more stims. Shipping blew my mind…10 days from day of order to US EC. However you are doing this, please, don’t change a thing.

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  12. Luke Wilkins

    Super, super, super strong !!! If you are experimenting with Bromazolam for the first time or even your second or 3rd time. Take my extreme advice and Please be careful !! This stuff is incredibly strong even with a a small dab on one or two fingers and licked into your mouth just wait 15 20 mins and your finna feel like a completely different person. Trust me start a extremely extremely low as it’s by far the strongest most fast acting & long lasting benzodiazepine I have ever tried !! EVER !! Again BE CAREFUL please 🙏Lab tests have it coming in at 99.9% pure it has a half life that’s twice or more longer than xanax and klonopin !!! Do not miss out !! But don’t also miss out on the best rc benzo in the world feels just like Xanax !!! Identical!! Just watch your doses and never ever over do it !! Stay safe yall !! 💯💯🤪🤘P.S. Shipping time too East coast USA was impeccable!! only 8-10 business days !!! RCBESTSELL

    Image #1 from Luke Wilkins
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  13. cflood

    💯 agree with comments regarding the bromazolam. Crazy potent . Start small have good scales . So you can enjoy life!!
    As I hope you all do .
    Bought rccp based off a revue will keep y’all posted. In hand already.

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  14. Pablo navarrete

    Please be very careful in the dosage it is too strong good product but use great caution por favor tengan mucho cuidado en la dosis es demasiado fuerte buen producto pero usen mucha precaución

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