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MEP or mdpep research chemical Technical Information:

MEP is a stimulant of the cathinone class designer drug. It is closely related to the stimulant MDPHP and MDPV. Chemical structure will release later !

Legal status:legal in most countries!

All chemicals sold from and will be only applied for scientific research purpose!

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26 reviews for mdpep, mep

Based on 26 reviews
  1. andrew99

    very impressed by your timely manner and your awesome research chem. I wanted to tell you thank you!
    Thank you, kindly, very appreciated! 🙂

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  2. PsyckickAluminum

    RCB is, without doubt, the most trustworthy vendor with me quality products and always responds to my emails. This sample was received and research has begun. Thanks for sticking around RCB!

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  3. canukdurgs

    Quality product, my research shows this is like a more potent 3-fpm,smooth long lasting functional stimulation

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  4. srtguy

    shipping took 15 days to Midwest USA, stealth packaging and high quality research material. Would like to see the CAS info for this one and will definitely be trying some other RCB products soon!

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  5. Devildog Research

    Such a beautiful outcome with all research and testing done with this product!! I wouldn’t recommend anyone else but RCBESTSELL for research needs. Menu keeps growing and loving all the new products. Can’t wait for my next order to arrive;!! These guys are a verified ” Top Shelf Chemical Supplier” without a doubt. Love you RCB !! I keep thinking I’ve researched all products but you continue to surprise and amaze me with the new products!! Keep up the good work and you are the #1 supplier for all products you carry and I’ve referred so many people that are in need of a legitimate company that follows through consistently. Purity surpasses expectations EVERY TIME and our group has been researching your products for about 4 years or more and you have not let us down yet, and we want to thank you sincerely for ALWAYS coming through for us!!

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  6. Sam G

    Best product available for a long time! RCB is amazing! I have made 3 orders and all were shipped smoothly and the products always genuine. Won’t go anywhere else for my research needs! A+++++++

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  7. Ratlab2k

    Thanks you guys for everything! Not only are products great quality but customer service also is very great!

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  8. Sam Bolum

    Amazing service as always if anything it’s improved! Great compound with slot of research on potential in the right hands. Rcb, is the only source I trust with my research! Top notch shipping and packing too! I don’t understand why anyone would complain about there private parecels! Already reordered!.

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  9. Nunkan Enok

    MEP by itself did not induce any toxic effects upon lab rats. MEP with MDPEP has caused some visible nausea via puking and some visible dysphoria. MDPEP gets destroyed at a lower temperature than MEP. Great Service, Fast shipping, quick responces when asking for tracking number or having a question about the order.

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  10. Sam

    Order number 2,. Safe and happy, about to place #3 couldn’t be happier. Will update, on arrival! Thank you RCB! Keep up the amazing quality and affordably. Thank you friends!

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  11. james22222

    excellent research chem for my lab rats, will be back

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  12. Jake

    2nd MEP order after noticeable improvement in the problem solving and related activities in several types of mice. Order delayed 3 weeks this time as product ran out on the day ordered. Good communication with vendor – promised to add 20% when re-stocked. I reminded them when product came back online. It shipped the next day, tracking was in place by day 3, arrived in good shape (day 21), probably 2% added (didn’t check). Early results consistent with prior data, Thanks.

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  13. Kelly Lohman-Baesen

    I have to join the choir on this one. RCB has been able to deliver consistently when many others did not. Research with MEP on test animals showed extended duration and decreased side effects over most currently available products in this line.

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  14. @$$ociateMedical

    I had received 1gram as a sample. This was my first experiment with my compound but I’m an avid researcher since 2009. I would say it was worth the money. I’m expecting a larger sample to study.

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  15. JP

    RCB Is THE ONLY VENDER I’LL EVER ORDER FROM. Their research compounds are 99+% pure, packaging is great and well-handled, and their prices are unbeatable. My second order arrived to the Eastern US within a week.
    Awesome job y’all. Keep up the good work!

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  16. J. Mills

    MEP. It was good quality and had a good effect it was something that I feel is something that I can tell my people that is worth buying

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  17. Jmills

    Etizalam. Was great!! Quality also something that I would like to offer around my community maybe y’all would send me a sample to try to spread news about

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  18. Jmills

    The other stims. Was not to good I am not sure the name but will get back with you

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  19. N. Barnes

    Is the review above me Justin Mills?Anyways always a great transaction with rcbest been shopping here for years average 9 days to the USA

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  20. N. Barnes

    Is the review above me Justin Mills?Anyways always a great transaction with rcbest been shopping here for years average 9 days to the USA!

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  21. 1annodomini

    Its tough times right now so we need to support those that are actually making progress in this field. RCB is for sure !100 legit but we need improvements in the science I know its not easy with all the swine trying to shut us down.

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  22. Chilling_Chuckles

    Customer service hand doe the best.. this is imo more euphoric calming substance doesn’t seem to give the mice extra energy like the others rub has but it is still worth the money to try it, it could be exactly what ur looking for.

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  23. Jason

    Takes a long time to deliver, but the quality is worth the wait.

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  24. Joeblow

    Right to your mail box these guys are the real deal

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  25. Mike m

    Fast shipping, good service came to east coast usa in about 2 weeks. Product was meh ok. I know their quality is good and pure but the chemical it’s self is not that great MDPEP, MEP. I like rcbonline I wish they had a better selection of cathinones I understand these days it’s hard to find good chems

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  26. TA (BHSc)

    Yet another mind-blowingly fast delivery to a large Southern Island! This compound is certainly showing some immense outcomes and promises in regards to exerting anti-depressant, anxiolytic and focus-enhancing properties when assayed (in vivo) on cultured 5-HT, DA, and NE receptors in a petri dish. Predicted SAR evaluation on MD-PV8 shows likely higher affinities for DA and NE over 5-HT, indicating a potential use as an ADHD drug if it makes it to/through all clinical trial phases. The scarce literature on this RC also highlights the potential for extended duration of action and a higher lipophilicity (fat solubility) in contrast to other sub’d ‘cathilogues’. This is due to the longer alkyl chain on the chem structure and may also indicate an extended half-life and overall duration of therapeutic effects. MD-PV8/MEP is absolutely one of the most promising compounds (since the development and release of bupropion) within this class of psychoactive cathinones that also exerts a marked reduction in overall adverse effects. Further research on this RC is of utmost importance; not only for forensic chemists, but for medicinal chemists and other researchers within the field of pharmacology.

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