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Nitrazolam is a benzodiazepine. It is closely related to clonazolam, only differing by the removal of a chlorine group at the benzene ring.

A study in mice indicated that nitrazolam can be several times more potent than diazepam as an antagonist of electroshock-induced tonic-extensor convulsions but less potent than diazepam at preventing the righting reflex.

Nitrazolam has been used as an example compound to demonstrate the microscale synthesis of reference materials utilizing polymer‐supported reagents.

This product is intended for scientific research purposes only and are not to be used for any other purposes.

Legal Status
In the UK, nitrazolam has been classified as a Class C drug by the May 2017 amendment to The Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 along with several other designer benzodiazepine drugs.


CAS Number 28910-99-8

PubChem CID 20317278

Formula C17H13N5O2

Molar mass 319.324 g·mol−1



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12 reviews for Nitrazolam

  1. Th******s

    Package delivered on time sorry for bothering you guys, I appreciate you guys. Quality 100% and it’s testing out great! your company has great customer service. Thanks very much!

  2. Dave Jenkins

    Top notch comes thru every time, no bull site

  3. Joel Brown (verified owner)

    I was a little hesitant to order international but regardless, Product came professionally sealed in 3 weeks to East Coast. All I can say is THANK YOU!

  4. Jordan gerioux (verified owner)

    RCBO are true professionals, thank you,

    Just BE PATIENT!

  5. ralphm

    I actually like this0 Benzodiazepine the most, it’s not too sedating, esp wit other cns depressent. Never had a blackout once. I eyeball this stuff, but I have consumed 200mg Midazolam the whole weekend, with some other stuf0f like several 200mg Morphin caps. 2fdck I got as a ample, which I dint expect much from at all was very nice!

  6. Ryan Sygowski

    my first time testing this was great i wasnt expecting much from it but but i was wrong iam going to be making a bigger purchase and packaging was great A++

  7. LP Chems Research (verified owner)

    Incredible quality as always! I’ve been doing research with their Chen’s for years now and they have been the most consistent highest quality out of any vendor around!

  8. Drnochromo (verified owner)

    Little bit late of a review but everything arrived fast to Canada with good stealth and the quality is good

  9. J. Wick

    Great customer service as usual. Top notch product, as usual. Nitrazolam came to me as a sample and I was very pleasantly surprised. grade A+.

  10. John Van Natta

    So I have ordered many times, this time i ordered a sample pack of benzos, everthing seems right except i didnt get my extra sample and the bromazolam is pink? with no taste? I have ordered bromazolam in the passed and it was not pink and their is a ” R ” written on it. Everything else seems great, I havent ordered since laws cchanged in china which made alot of benzos illegal. Other than that this time everything seems right im just questioning that bromazolam or if maybe a different color agent was used to produce it and it came out pink, this i do not know BUT all that aside all seems great, got package pretty fast 13 days, thanks guys , maybe we can have a talk to tell me what this pink “R” labeled stuff which is supposed to be bromazolam. I also have Pink stuff from when china law went in effect and it was Flubroazolam and labeled F3 and has a different taste from the first time i ordered it and it was more white/yellow but this F3 has a taste and the orginqal first time i ever order flubroazolam which is now illegal it tasted like pure ALprazolam and i couldnt believe how that was so im kind of lost here with what exactly I may have ordered that differed in the past to now, Thank you I will continue to buy but please have the guy get it right, i already was sent a incorrect package that was supposed to be a benzo and i paid for it and it is a cannabanoid and we can grow our own cannabis here….. Thank you guys thought for your timely service and maybe we can have a chat so we can clarify a few things so i know whats what, thanks alot for everything

  11. Lovezolam

    Best in the game! Just wish they would get, better bromazolam……I never seen it pink, and the Clotizolam-2 was very crystalline! Nitrazolam is outstanding and so is the Mmpcp

  12. Rohan Magee

    The pink thing isn’t anything to worry about. Just a tad of bromine impurity is my guess.
    It doesn’t Have a taste on the tongue cos it’s not very soluble but dissolved in pg it tastes just like it should

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