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Sample Pack C

(12 customer reviews)


Sample pack C inlcude:

Bromazolam: 500mg
flubromazepam: 500mg
Desalkylgidazepam: 500mg
Deschloroclotizolam(Clotizolam-2): 500mg

12 reviews for Sample Pack C

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  1. Rob

    Thank you so much package arrived today! Super fast shipping will look forward to buying from you in future!

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    Excellent service, response and quality research materials as promised. Looks as though since I placed my order, the sample pack now contains an additional 500mg sample of Metizolam, making it an even better value. Shipping time was reasonable, no complaints

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  3. james22222

    Super on point for all of them, they could be labelled clear to know which of the fl bags are wht, still amazing price and fast delivery.

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  4. Pedroletgo

    Excellent stealth, product quality is on point. Was my first order and will certainly not be my last

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  5. CMBGirl [reg w/o the “99”on my email address but that acct closed]

    Excellent, Excellent, Excellent products. Arrived fast, discrete packaging, FREE samples [Thank you!!!] EXCELLENT PURITY. “Gentlemen, this is no humbug.” [Agree with others…labeling is problematic. I ordered 10 diff products, ended up with 13, (thanks again!!!) but only one letter on many bags so I have a giant puzzle to figure out.(8 I cant ID yet but the 5 I did ID : WOW!!)

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  6. Dave Jenkins

    Iv been using these guys and gonna put more into them because they got the best, I have a larger then normal order will even update for doubters!

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  7. Matthew Calas

    Great service and communication. Professional. Always comes on point. Tests always come out great :). Plan on another order soon. Thanks guys

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  8. Kevin

    Only company to be ur supplier. Love them

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  9. OchoCinco21

    Took a month so get it but very satisfied with these chems. Great service, quick to respond and great company! Will order again soon!!

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  10. Anonymousresearcher86

    I was on the fence about ordering from these guys at first, but was like screw it. It’s worth a shot. Boy oh boy am I glad I did! Shipping took a couple weeks but I expected that. Packaged very well to make sure if it doesn’t get opened and inspected it should go straight through customs. If they do catch it though you get a free reship! I was actually shocked when I received my order. Extremely well packaged and discreetly as well. I only ordered I think 2g of flualp and clicked on free sample for eutylone twice. Surprisingly enough to me, they sent me the free 2 g ofv eutylone! I haven’t tried the flualp yet, but I have high expectations now. I’ve been trying to keep placing orders through a couple different vendors so I can try to start to stock up on some stuff. So I have flualp pellets right now that I’m using; until I figure out the dosage for this flualp powder. I saw this mentioned in another comment and it’s the only thing “bad” I can find to say about my order. This was an order of 2 different little bags of powder. I had zero clue which was which and what was what. The baggie of eutylone had “TY” written on it in black magic marker and the other baggie has “F1” or “Fl” written on it faintly. So I took a a bit of a gamble when I first went to try my products. Other then that, I can’t think of anything bad to say so far. This was my first order. I already have a cart filled and ready to place another bigger order once I get paid. My hope is they go above and beyond like I’m reading they’re doing for ask these other customers that are leaving reviews.

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  11. Dcc

    Volumetric dose benzo powders

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  12. Benzo Benny

    3rd order. Hands down the best company I’ve worked with. Always spot on 15 days to my door this time west coast. Other 2 times were 13 and 14 days. I’ve been on the scene 7 years and this is by far best company I’ve ever worked with. I only wish they had my holy grail favorite, 3-ho-pcp. The best of all analogues of ketamine and pcp. Don’t even consider ordering anywhere else. Best RC company. Not paid for this at all. Just wanted everyone to be aware.

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