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Sample Pack C

(9 customer reviews)

$560.00 $290.00

Sample pack C inlcude:

Clonazolam: 500mg
Metizolam: 500mg
Etizolam: 1g
flubromazepam : 1g
Flualprazolam: 500mg
flubromazolam: 500mg
Nitrazolam: 1g

9 reviews for Sample Pack C

  1. Manager


    Thank you so much package arrived today! Super fast shipping will look forward to buying from you in future!

  2. ILOVEKREATURE (verified owner)

    Excellent service, response and quality research materials as promised. Looks as though since I placed my order, the sample pack now contains an additional 500mg sample of Metizolam, making it an even better value. Shipping time was reasonable, no complaints

  3. james22222 (verified owner)

    Super on point for all of them, they could be labelled clear to know which of the fl bags are wht, still amazing price and fast delivery.

  4. Pedroletgo (verified owner)

    Excellent stealth, product quality is on point. Was my first order and will certainly not be my last

  5. CMBGirl [reg w/o the “99”on my email address but that acct closed]

    Excellent, Excellent, Excellent products. Arrived fast, discrete packaging, FREE samples [Thank you!!!] EXCELLENT PURITY. “Gentlemen, this is no humbug.” [Agree with others…labeling is problematic. I ordered 10 diff products, ended up with 13, (thanks again!!!) but only one letter on many bags so I have a giant puzzle to figure out.(8 I cant ID yet but the 5 I did ID : WOW!!)

  6. Dave Jenkins

    Iv been using these guys and gonna put more into them because they got the best, I have a larger then normal order will even update for doubters!

  7. Matthew Calas (verified owner)

    Great service and communication. Professional. Always comes on point. Tests always come out great :). Plan on another order soon. Thanks guys

  8. Kevin (verified owner)

    Only company to be ur supplier. Love them

  9. OchoCinco21 (verified owner)

    Took a month so get it but very satisfied with these chems. Great service, quick to respond and great company! Will order again soon!!

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