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RCCP is a new stimulant research chemcial! Purity: ≥99.5%! legal worldwide!
All chemicals sold from rcbonline.biz will be only applied for scientific research purpose!

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  1. Jack

    I like it! Hard to Vape but doing to try small lines I think it would be 100% better. Very stimulating my favorite of the stimulants so far. Super stealth and very fast delivery. Nothing to worry about with these guys. Many many time customer and boom like clockwork and always real and the chem it’s supposed to be. Don’t waste your money elsewhere!

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  2. R S

    Stealth is always incredible with these guys. Not a huge fan of not having the chemical info, but reagent tests gave me some confidence. This stuff is the real deal. My hamster likes it quite a bit.

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  3. Chilling_Chuckles

    Best combinations available in my opinion n many more.
    1, DC2, EU36, Mep, can’t give exact mg dosages…. cal theses up but don’t snort the dc2 or anything with it in it u will hate urself!!!
    2. EU36, 38, RCCP ( u can add the mep to this one if capped, but snorted it’s better tha. Addys.
    Thank you to the team and hope for a long term relationship.

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  4. StrengthSupply

    Long wait, but quality product.

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  5. Ryan Wagner

    darkxxpassenger- I got a brand new scale and machine and ordered and received Bromaz. Quality 10/10
    Opsec: 10/10
    Delivery: from China to South East US in 10 days. Got a sample of RCCP, but my machine normally doesn’t really research anything other than benzos and my machine loved

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  6. TheAlchemicalResistance

    Ryan Wagner (above message) – how would you describe the overall affects and did you take the doses orally? If so, what was your ideal dosage for your own desired effects? 🙂

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  7. Ryan Mario

    For the RCCP sample I got, my machine ate a small piece, waited and felt some coke like effects, but with zero of the bad side effects. So i fed my machine more and more until it was at a nice level. A LOT of euphoria like coke with zero comedown at all.

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