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CAS № 2894-68-0
Purity ≥98%
Synonyms:2′-Chlorodiazepam;Ro 5-3448

Diazepam is a benzodiazepine drug that produces psychoactive effects by enhancing signaling through the γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA) receptor GABAA.1 Diclazepam is a 2’-chloro derivative of diazepam that has emerged as a designer drug.2 It is metabolized in vivo into the pharmacologically active benzodiazepines delorazepam, lorazepam, and lormetazepam, which can be detected in urine for 6, 19, and 11 days, respectively.2 The product is intended for forensic and research applications.Currently, the drug is sold as a research chemical and not yet marketed as a medication because it has not been tested systematically in humans. Diclazepam’s closest relatives and two main metabolites are delorazepam and lormetazepam. Deloraepam has around 10 times the potency value of diazepam and lorometazepam has a potency of around 10 to 12 times of delorazepam.


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34 reviews for Diclazepam

  1. dsendvegas

    it’s a good drug for what it is. Low price and high availability.

  2. smiley257

    I did receive my package a few weeks ago. Scientifically speaking, Diclazepam powder was excellent!!

  3. jonalan67

    Product tested to be pure. Received package in USA and only 11 days from the day I placed the order. Great communication with the seller. Very respectful and professional

  4. jonalan67

    diclazepam tested to be pure. Received package in USA and only 11 days from the day I placed the order. Great communication with the seller. Very respectful and professional

  5. Whitechedder098

    Placed a sample order June 8th, landed June 22. No problems on the way here (California), great customer service! White crystalline powder and is undergoing test but product seems to test out A+ Looking forward for sample order of other chems I will place in the near future. Recommend!

  6. Tdigit

    Weight was right on point! Took about two weeks from order till door here in US but went through without a hitch!

  7. marshallw

    First of all, the customer service is excellent. All of my emails were responded to within 24 hours and were very helpful in placing my order. The product seems to be testing pure for my research purposes!

  8. billmurry100

    Delivery took about 13 days, no problem with custom,packaging was discreet! quality was top notch! very pleased with this service, thank you! will definitely do more business in future!

  9. mikeydavis_1

    Product is top notch and shipping only took 7 days to canada

  10. Xlea

    Fast discrete shipping, was indeed compound it was meant to be.

  11. triadubstep

    10/10, that’s all I really have to say. RCBestSell is probably the biggest reliable vendor out there.

  12. ash_roberts111

    From ordering to delivery it was less than 2 week. You’ve exceeded my expectations. I just wanted to thank you. Will be ordering again soon. You guys are the best!

  13. p0wims01

    Perfect product. Is what it is supposed to be, and fair priced at that! Will certainly be back!

  14. eamon

    Received exactly as described without issue

  15. whitesel.justin

    Only 9 days to ship to the US! High quality Diclazepam!

  16. Owen hadd

    Most pure and fastest delivery from any overseas site I’ve used

  17. brbrown0503

    The only problem that I had with the order was that happened to order it on the time they were on vacation so it took about a month to get here from the time I ordered. Other than that, packaging was slick and there wasn’t any problems. Definitely want to come back again someday soon.

  18. brbrown0503

    I loved everything about the product except for I didn’t check to see if they’re going to be on vacation or not and shipping took a lot longer than I anticipated. Other than that, a okay.

  19. David

    This Diclazepam is of perfect quality for performing research. I had great communication throughought the order process which involved multiple chemicals and not exactly straightforward, but I was understood perfectly. Shipping was possibly the quickest I’ve had (EMS). I could not be happier with my order, not to mention the wonderful price.

  20. deranger (verified owner)

    RCBestSell is number one in the game right now. Absolutely pure, amazing stealth, fantastic results. I won’t be using any other supplier. Please stay online for as long as possible, RCBestSell! You’re among the best in the 10 years I’ve have experience in this scene.

    Second order queued up!

  21. rrambo (verified owner)

    Product was good crystalline. Weight was correct. 13 days from order to door. Can’t beat that. Thanks!

  22. Kraftybio

    Greatest quality ever researched! Best there is!

  23. Whitecheddar098

    Favorite Chem! I ordered first late year in summer,got here in 15 weeks after, placed second order and was patient but no movement for a month. Contacted customer service and they gladly reshipped. Can in 2 weeks.. patients people

  24. Stephen (verified owner)

    Solid stuff. Solid vendor!

  25. CodeMAster (verified owner)

    10/10, took a month to US but that’s because customs held it for 2-3 weeks. Word of warning, customs TORE through this stuff prob to test so definitely give it 2-3 weeks once it hits customs before it ships to you if in US. Will be repeat customer!

  26. Andy (verified owner)

    As effective and pure as diazepam powder. At my door 15 days from order, and began experimenting. It’s like-for-like. Fast, secure ordering, trustworthy team, discrete packaging and your order Is in shipment that afternoon. You literally can’t beat these guys for reliability and speediness ad quality.

  27. Brandon (verified owner)

    I can definitely say I’m 100% satisfied with the communication, shipping speed, and quality of this product. Received my order in 11 days. And plan to place a new one when certain items are back in stock

  28. Knsrearch007 (verified owner)

    Great chem,long lasting,great tapering

  29. Justin Whitesel (verified owner)

    Good quality, just what I needed for my taper. Thank you.

  30. CalvinResearch (verified owner)

    Great communication and product. Doing a second order and plan on making a much larger order if this package is as successful as the first. 5/5, great company.

  31. Complecks99 (verified owner)

    Amazing quality and research material! Would recommend

  32. Jordan

    This product is in high demand everywhere. Waiting patiently for a big restock.

  33. Jordan gerioux

    Also waiting on large restock .As the above user says its in extremely high demand !

  34. Jordan gerioux (verified owner)

    Fastest delivery yet. Product is exactly as described. Thank you for your service.

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