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Desaklylgidazepam is a novel benzodiazepine drug that was introduced into clinical practise in Russia in 1997. It is an active metabolite of the atypical benzodiazepine gidazepam. It acts as an anxiolyitic, and is structurally related to the bromazepam.

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  1. tonni

    This is my second time doing business with you, the first time I was very pleased and I was very satisfied with the purity and quality of your Desalkylgidazepam.

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    How do you dose this with PG like would I want 1, 2, or 10 milligrams every mL

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  3. Skot

    Definitely can’t beat them they’re the best

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  4. Toogood

    There isn’t much info on this chemical online. So the research found to be very anxiolytic and very long lasting 100 hour+ halftime for sure. Very useful for daily research. Or taper

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  5. TheA1ch3m1st

    Stunning service all-round! Cannot beat the quality, price, professionalism and discretion used by RCB. I am looking forward to testing the anxiolytic actions of this compound when next in the lab up at uni. Much love and respect to you all @ RCB. <3

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  6. aster-caster

    Received as a sample. In vitro findings consistent with others’ publications indicating a substantial affinity for and significantly longer duration of action at the GABAa2-type receptors. In addition, the metabolism of desalkylgidazepam’s to be directly eliminated rather than modified into other active compounds provides a strong basis for further investigation into the compound in-vitro experiments involving SUDs (specifically alcohol) and genetic disorders like Schizophrenia.

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  7. Alley Hall

    Fascinating chemical – Definitely long lasting – 3mg Taken Sublingually in the Morning produced a noticeable relaxation and a bizarre antidepressant effect akin to Etizolam with no tolerance. Online reports show doses in the 10-15mg range but I find 3-5mg (with a slight benzo tolerance) to be plenty to enjoy.

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  8. Allley Scnitze

    Great at 5mg. People taking 10-15 will just find same anxiolytic effects but stronger and longer lasting hypnotic effects.
    Similar to other review, 5-8mg sublinguallu feels almost like etizolam, no sedation, anxiolytic with slight anti-depressive effect! Love it.

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