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Desaklylgidazepam is a novel benzodiazepine drug that was introduced into clinical practise in Russia in 1997. It is an active metabolite of the atypical benzodiazepine gidazepam. It acts as an anxiolyitic, and is structurally related to the bromazepam.

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3 reviews for Desalkylgidazepam

  1. tonni

    This is my second time doing business with you, the first time I was very pleased and I was very satisfied with the purity and quality of your Desalkylgidazepam.


    How do you dose this with PG like would I want 1, 2, or 10 milligrams every mL

  3. Answer

    DCEASYRC, If you have like 1gram pure stuff and pure pg dissolve it in 1 litre of pg. You will have 1mg per ML

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