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Bromazolam  is an analytical reference standard categorized as a benzodiazepine. This product is intended for research and forensic applications.

WARNING This product is not for human or veterinary use.

Formal Name: 8-bromo-1-methyl-6-phenyl-4H-[1,2,4]triazolo[4,3-a][1,4]benzodiazepine
CAS Number: 71368-80-4
Molecular Formula: C17H13BrN4
Formula Weight: 353.2
Purity: ≥98%
Formulation: A crystalline solid


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  1. Jay

    Awesome service every time.

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  2. Devildog07 (Devildog Research)

    Made it in record timing!!! 13 days to east coast, USA!!! Great products every time!! Will no longer use any other vendors for research, due to the purity almost always being ≥99.4% !!! RCB is our “go-to” provider for all research needs for our small research group !! Keep up the great service, YOU GUYS ARE WONDERFUL !!!! THANKS AGAIN RCB !

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  3. Eumorr

    This was my 4th order, as always professional packaged, only 2 weeks to the midwest. Usually get etizolam but wanted to try something new, and testing results was amazing. Definitely gonna order several more grams.🤪

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  4. Dave

    Very pure and powerful. Be careful with dosages and volumetric dose with pg solution,

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  5. drifter_94550

    Dave furuyama
    exceent product. made another order. the flubro is excelet too cant go wrong with these. can i have a 10% disccount for this review??? you guys are the best!

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  6. burnblackest555

    Amazing product, wonderful customer service and super quick shipping- very discreetly & well packaged. Can’t wait to order again! Thanks!

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  7. NoahBennet

    Discreet packaging, and very pure product. Was able to achieve 10mg/ml solution in 95% Ethanol with no undissolved trash. Made it to the southern US in 3 weeks. Very satisfied, will order more again soon!

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  8. Smminco

    What an amazing RC. It comes close to alp than even the best etizolam.

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  9. Burnblackest

    Very high quality, incredibly discreet and quick shipping- very helpful communication- my go-to for my lab needs!

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  10. Rohan Magee

    Top notch Research compound. Top notch customer service. The legends that run this site reshipped a 3rd time which is just amazing. Can’t rate highly enough.

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  11. GB ESCO

    Wow I am very impressed. Way better than etiz and about the same as alpraz. Been a customer for 5 years and can hands down say this is my fav. (Flualp)was strong but blacked everyone out. This is a great for anxiety. Only issue is the porder is hard to dose correctly. Superior product. Have yet to find better online.

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  12. Jack H

    Haven’t diluted in PG yet cause I ran out but super stealth packaging and fast delivery about 2 weeks every time and I live USA East Coast! Many time customer. Trust these guys 1000%

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  13. Jack

    Super stealth always about 2 weeks to USA East coast! Got a bunch of products this time. Many time customer and trust these guys 1000%. Don’t waste your money elsewhere. You found the best in the business!

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  14. Scott

    Awesome every time great customer service

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  15. Bl**an

    The package got here right on time. Everything seems fine. I am just so thankful that you were able to send this to me. I will definitely order from you again! I appreciate your customer service during Covid lockdown, too.

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  16. aster-caster

    Certainly closer to 99% than 98% quality. I was quite surprised at the absence of color, clearly RCB has found a superior purification method because the compound is not at all pink. One point of note for other labs working with this molecule who have experience with the pink-ish version, the higher purity combined with the Bromine substituent seems to lower the pH necessary to dissolve this compound in polar protic solvents like water. Outstanding products, customer service, and fantastic packaging consistent over half a decade of working with this lab.

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  17. Zach big

    Need more so good a lil way could ya Little stronger but I’m sure it will be next time

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  18. Stacy Lamberts

    Product came fast and the quality is real good best thus far.

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  19. Boney Treez

    Great pure product. Test subjects loved it. Arrived in 10 days to central US. I’ve never had any kind of problem in the 5 years I’ve done business with this company and will keep ordering in the future.
    A+ Highly Recommended

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  20. Stanley S.

    Awesome product. Exceptional quality. Had tested, came back 99.5% pure. Best company to do business with thus far. Will definitely return to purchase more. Thanks guys!

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  21. hriszzzzz

    Nice delivery with stealth

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  22. TeeLo

    Bromazolam is such a wonderful research product! Closely related to alp. Very pleasant process took about two weeks to get to west coast US.

    Image #1 from TeeLo
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  23. RClabs

    Excellent quality Bromazolam, best purity you can find! Have been working with RCBS/RCBonline for years and they have never let me down. The shipping is amazingly fast now too, took 8 days from clicking order to the US when it used to take 14 to 30 days in the past!

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  24. Rasmus

    So, my order arrived yet i was afraid it would be taken by customs. 23 days to Denmark. Very nice stealth I may say. Incredible, but yet have to try it.
    Ordered 1g bromazolam. Had some a little over a year ago from another vendor from Netherlands, but that was brown powder. This really seems pure.

    Image #1 from Rasmus
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  25. Zane Power

    Amazing stuff ordering again 10 days to usa

    Image #1 from Zane Power
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  26. CK

    Always comes through. It may take up to a month sometimes usually 2 weeks. But customer service is very very helpful and very very friendly. They’ll make sure you’ll get your order no matter what.

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  27. clementxd

    14 day to USEC! good research

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  28. swoletariat99

    Guys, don’t post pictures of stealth on here ffs

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  29. Luke Wilkins

    Best RC benzo around!! And I’ve been a customer for about 4 years now and let me tell you no one I mean no one comes close to RCBonline they have super fast delivery, along with discreet packaging, free samples and the best costumer service around I would recommend this site to anyone!! Don’t waist your money or get ripped off somwhere else!! You will thank me once it’s in your mailbox trust me !! The Bromazolam has almost identical effects as Alprazolam (xanax) it’s very strong so do be careful it’s very easy to take too much and have no memory of what happened, but it is absolutely hands down the best benzo i’ve ever tried EVER this time im getting the 5 grams and I can’t wait !!! Thanks RCBonline you guys are superb keep up the fantastic work !! And it just came back 99% pure !!! Hell yeah !!! Thanks again !! Lifetime loyal customer !!!

    Image #1 from Luke Wilkins
    Image #2 from Luke Wilkins
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  30. Arbys

    it really sucks to see that people are dumb enough to post pictures of stealth TO THE WEBSITE. Especially considering the method seems very consistent. How people could think “I know what I’ll do, I’ll post a picture of the way this got through customs” is beyond me. Do better people. You don’t EVER post pictures of stealth, let alone when you are making it obvious where it is coming from, like posting on the damn website. I’m blown away this site doesn’t take those reviews down immediatly, shit, I’m surprised they even allow reviews with pictures as obviously they have to know people are dumb enough to post pictures of how it goes through customs. Even with the original envelope visible. Anyone who posted a picture of stealth of ANY research chem etc company should be ashamed of themselves for being such amateurs lol

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  31. luke

    quality service everytime, love this company. just hope they keep stocking benzos

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  32. tonazolam93

    Shipping to west coast US was lightning fast. Less than two weeks! Thanks again RCB

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  33. tonazolam93

    I only got to research the bromazolam once before it got lost or stolen. Good as always

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  34. tonazolam93

    Found my bromazolam and research is going well!

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  35. Leewaine Scott

    At first I was like what’s going on with the tracking number. But once that was sorted
    out with a new one, it was delivered days later. 15 days for delivery after ordering.
    All I can say is that is fantastic! Will be back for more research materials, as these
    rats have a huge tolerance to the BRO!

    By the way for people posting the stealth photos…. Grow up you idiots!!

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  36. CodeMAster

    Y’all have stepped up your shipping game…10 days to the US of A really? Super impressed and product is nuts as usual. I usually use etizolam, flubromazepam, and diclazepam for research on mice and this one seemingly is the most potent of the previously mentioned. Strong hypnotic effects at 2-3mg+ that are not necessarily apparent until mice close their eyes and sleep withing seconds t(+-30seconds-5minutes).

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  37. Ale Schuze

    Ordered the bromazolam again + flubromazepam. I left a review raving about the quality and speed of delivery 2 weeks ago.
    Whelp, once again, purity is 96%+ accordidng to mass spectrometer assays, and it took, once again, about 10 days to arrive to south US.

    This vendor is crazy good. Please never go out of business, please. I’m learning to much from my mice/mouse reactions for binding affinity and pharmacology at Benzodiazepine sub-units. Just was able to determine that Flubromazepam has an Ki of 2.1nm at the a2 and a3 sub-units and a moderate affinity for a1, and half life is on average 80-hours.

    Keep it up guys!

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  38. Benjamin Franklin

    These guy’s have done it AGAIN
    Love how professional these guys are and the communication is superb!!
    Won’t choose another vender for my BromoLAM/ FlubroPAM research!!
    I hope one of these days they will have 2C-B Fly & 4-ACO-DMT available for research purposes!!
    Shipping 101/101
    Communication 101/101
    Packaging 101/101
    Will buy again in the future 🙂

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  39. Dreddzdead

    Got a withh my. Domestic but yalls is way better
    Bottom is his

    Image #1 from Dreddzdead
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  40. Jaxk

    These guys have always been the best since I found them 12 years ago I got really lucky I haven’t wasted a dollar my money sense. Purity 99.9 every time, correct substance, and they get it to the east coast faster than if my buddy in Oregon mailed me something. Super stealth! 1000starts I have ordered rd at least 100 times and on point every time but one and the replaced it!

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  41. Jack

    These guys have always been the best since I found them 12 years ago I got really lucky I haven’t wasted a dollar my money sense. Purity 99.9 every time, correct substance, and they get it to the east coast faster than if my buddy in Oregon mailed me something. Super stealth! 1000starts I have ordered rd at least 100 times and on point every time but one and the replaced it!

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  42. Zane ll

    Got this and clotizolam beware of the clo it can make ya a bit retarded

    (1) (0)
  43. Stephan

    Absolutely what you’re looking for in a rc compound.

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  44. jbarresi19

    Unbelievable shipping time, almost too good to believe to north eat US. Stealth was also a 10. Just now literally mixing it up in some PG for my testing. I will report back with results with I have no doubt will also be a 10. THANK U SO MUCH!!!!

    (0) (0)
  45. peatfemur

    came to Aus in 10 days, excellent comms highly recommend this vendor! this is my second order and they never disappoint!

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  46. Gizmosis2

    This vendor is Fantastic!
    I used to think local vendors in the USA were the way to go, gotta support the community. Many were great 5-10 years ago). Sites like this, and others who have spent decades being professional , are known for their purity levels, estimated purity to be well above 95% or even mass spectroscopy of up to 99.5%. This is no longer the case

    So…I went beyond local vendors and found this site and could not be more impressed.

    I placed an order for desochloroclotizolam expecting nothing. Then, 21 days later, my package arrived stealth – 10/10
    (1g total, 2- possibly 3 x vacuumed sealed bags. Very flat and small, well-sealed flat, thick, inconspicuous enveloope.

    Customer service 10/10
    -replies are prompt

    Just placed a new order, and will do an unboxing and follow up in the future and I will report back on the bromazolam and RCCP.

    Does RCB have dissociative like F-DCK or 2F-DCK. I could be missing them, but that would be a wonderful addition to the store.


    (2) (0)
  47. Ben Thompson

    Great quality the service is top tier and I’ve never had any issues only happy to help customer service reps. If you question the reviews on this site go to and check the site reviews there one of the highest ratings for an RC company. Usually 10days to the US with no problems.

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  48. Analysis Unit

    Been a few years since we’ve sourced our lab materials here since the ban of many of the old research chemicals. I was a little apprehensive as well, since there hasnt been too much action on the site.

    However, as ALWAYS – product showed up in exactly 3 weeks or less to our lab in the states.

    Gc/ms came through after a brief hold and product is exactly as described.

    Rsbestsell and the new website Rcbonline has proven themselves 15+ times over in the past decade to be the leader in providing high quality lab research chemicals. We will continue to use this site for all of our future research purposes

    Communication is professional, shipping is professional, and products are proffesional. Would love to see some new dissociate research chemicals to bring to the lab and test as they are becoming prevalent worldwide.

    As always, thank you for providing your services and as usually we will be back!

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  49. Abbas Ali Awan

    Been using RCBonline and their older outdated website Rcbestsell for many, many years. We have worked in multiple states and have also worked in 2 other countries. The chemicals are always as described and take at most about 3 weeks to arrive, with the average being about 2 weeks.

    This is the ONLY supplier I trust when trying to research novel chemicals without having to repurify them for proper laboratory analysis.

    As always, thank you for your services.

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  50. Hopper

    I’ll never shop anywhere again. Best products I’ve had. And I turn on all my fellow researchers (which Is a LOT) to this site too. I can’t believe I wasted money on trash US vendors, should’ve learned that back
    when the 2Cs, 2Ts, etc, mephedrone, 4ACO could be ordered from China easily

    (1) (0)
  51. Valentine

    I agree that the posts with pictures should be taken down. I have no idea how someone could be so irresponsible.

    Being a trusted vendor, this behavior is highly unprofessional and naive. The only way to completely negate discreet stealth is to post pictures of said stealth online.

    Please avoid posting pictures of the most important determiner of a shipments success.

    I wish the site would take these down.

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