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Buy 7a19 research chemicals online!
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7a19 is a new cannabinoid research chemical! its an analogue of adbb, for more information please refer to adbb!
Purity : 99.5%

7a19 is intended for scientific research purposes only and is NOT intended for human or animal consumption.


1,000g, 100g, 10g, 10kg, 1g, 2000g, 250g, 25g, 2g, 2kg, 3g, 500g, 50g, 5g, 5kg

1 review for 7a19

  1. NH / LuciferTech Analytics & Research

    This kind of material is entrancing to study. Research will make you thirsty, maybe a bit sweaty, and in a nice zone. Careful! It can sneak up, so don’t research much at a time , you’ll think, at first, it’s junk, and ignore it or research twice as much, but this will get you in trouble, give it time, be patient, that is NOT hype, you will see exactly what I mean, it’s sneaky and very very very rewarding; trust me, price is misleadingly cheap.

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