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2FDCK,2-Fluorodeschloroketamine (also known as 2-Fl-2′-Oxo-PCM, Fluoroketamine and 2-FDCK) is a dissociative anesthetic.[1] It is an analogue of ketamine where the chlorine group has been replaced by fluorine.
2-fdck (also named Fluoroketamine) is very similar with MXPP. This product is intended for forensic and research applications.

IUPAC name: 2-(2-Fluorophenyl)-2-methylamino-cyclohexanone
CAS Number: 111982-50-4
Formula: C13H16FNO
Molar mass: 221.28 g·mol−1


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58 reviews for 2-FDCK

  1. Mona Lisa

    Some legit stuff. Research went oh so smooth. My rats questioned reality at one point.

  2. justm2012

    My rat forgot it’s name. Research is fantastic!

  3. Default (verified owner)

    This was the highest purity 2fdck I’ve ever purchased and have done so multiple times as it is great for research. Great people to do business with

  4. TuggSpeedman89

    Shipping was fast, and discrete. I had an issue with my order and unlike are there research vendors they would just take your money… They really stuck with it and made sure I got my package so I can do my research in the lab. Just as expected, my lab results were beyond good.

  5. mrrclabman (verified owner)

    Fantastic research product! Top notch – trusted vendor indeed!

  6. jdennisnorth86

    This company I’ve been working with. Me and the Boss super honest and. Don’t worry about the policy for a tracking #. It’s not a scam trust me got my parcel 9days!

  7. Reese3meo

    Awesome quality. Way faster than expected. Research showed product to be very pure

  8. Ivan

    Got a sample of this on my last pack On a whim I had never really “gotten” dissos having tried dck and 3meopcp before and not really clicking with them. Must have been about a 250mg sample tested about 50 then 50 more it was great stuff. I was out by the end of an afternoon but wowee I finally “got” dissos everyone’s been saying that first batch has been top notch and I agree.

  9. fdsawer

    Received as free sample. Will probably be making full order soon.

  10. Research-Study (verified owner)

    Quality 10/10 – shipping was a bit odd, but fine. overall 10/10

  11. DCKramer

    Ordered this recently and also received a sample. Very nice quality product

  12. fortunate1 (verified owner)

    Friendly and communicative. Order dispatched in less than 24 hours. Packaged so beautifully I almost hated to cut it all up. Total professionals.

  13. TuggSpeedman89 (verified owner)

    Order #3: SUCCESS! I have dabled with many of this sites products while researching and this right here is the real deal. Can’t say it enough, you’re getting exactly what you paid for.. I’ll be stockpiling for my next order, just in case it tragically disappears from the market one day. OVERALL: 9/10 Shipping to United States and 11/10 on product quality. Thanks again guys for coming through once again.

    If anyone has their doubts, don’t.. because you’ll be missing out if you pass this site off as a scam. It’s 100% official

  14. Sunshinehippy (verified owner)

    RCB is the best most high quality vendor out there right now products are top notch response time always A+ and always willing to work with you..!!

  15. ILOVEKREATURE (verified owner)

    Chose as a sample, but research proved to be interesting and satisfying, that it’s been proven well worth being a primary order, material grades excellent. Service and support has matched

  16. 2CookieB

    Researched a sample, will definetly be buying a
    Batch for my next experiment. Thanks!

  17. jjd112777 (verified owner)

    I ordered 5 grams of 2fdck a month ago – I purchased 5 grams from another vendor last year and can confirm that this batch is very high quality. There was a small problem with shipping, and since it was my first purchase from this vendor I was concerned, plus I wasn’t getting shipments from other vendors recently. But the staff communicated with me quickly by email and assured me they would get the package to me and it arrived shortly afterward. Great service, Great product. I will be buying 25 grams next asap.

  18. Andy

    Got it as a free sample with the rest of my research products, and wow, did lab results blow me away. Near zero impurities, its all crystal (as it should be unless it’s been cut down) and I was very happy with the results. Will be ordering a 5g order shortly to stockpile for days of heavy research where a lot of product is needed to conduct the experiments we do.

  19. Kenan

    Received my package within 21 days of order. The quality is is top notch! Research has shown to have best results yet. Highly recommended

  20. Devildog Research

    Absolutely perfect !!!! Tested off the charts multiple times !!! These guys are the real deal!! Thank you again for your services RCB. Best in the business with all products they carry. I’ve now got to research all products and all have tested to the highest level of purity. Been a loyal customer for years and I will always refer people because they are very good to their loyal customers

  21. Devildog Research

    All im going to say is hands down best research vendor for 2-fdck. Purity is amazing every time so I had to leave a review here too !!!!

  22. Flydwg1487 (verified owner)

    Quick ship and also the purity is legit.

  23. Aaron (verified owner)

    The research went well and the product was of high purity as discovered through analysis by Reagent Testing. Communication and shipment were topnotch, as well. Would definitely recommend.

  24. Aaron (verified owner)

    I ordered a variety of products off of RCBESTSELL, 2-FDCK being one of them, and the quality was excellent for all. The entire process from order to delivery went flawlessly and customer service was very responsive to any questions I had regarding my research.

  25. WavvAllDay (verified owner)

    This is the best there is. Quality blew me away along with the communication from the vendor. They know what they’re doing and they do it well so don’t worry if you don’t receive your pack in time, it will get to you!

  26. Adam Jacobson (verified owner)

    Great stuff. Look up the K trials being done by the NIH into how much this helps neuroplasticity and depression. Fascinating stuff and RCB does an amazing job of getting this material to your lab.

  27. GOZ

    i have been in the research community for over 10 years now and TRUST ME when i say, this is the BEST 2fdck you will find ANYWHERE! customer service was on point. got my order in 10 days on the east coast of the US. i dont understand the negative reviews i was seeing online last couple months. Very honest people to do business with And goddamn was the package stealth came wrapped up in like 6 different bags. I will be ordering this for research in Quantity all i have got was a couple free samples and they were all A++++++ tested in my lab. thank you RCB. anyone who says they scam dont bother wasting their time. Because these guys are VERY reliable. Many many more orders to come

  28. tsmiad123

    Always had such good experiences with RCB!!!!!!!!! 🙂 Orders come faster every time! RCB are really nice people and gave a sample of this which tested out beyond words to describe, You would absolutely have a very good time seeing the results for yourself! RELIABLE, LEGIT, AMAZING! I do my research and this is >99% pure like they said! THANK YOU RCB family!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  29. John (verified owner)

    Fantastic batch. Your synthesis isnthe best..ordering more really soon.

  30. Complecks99 (verified owner)

    Amazing stuff ti research! Highly recommend, took 10 days from tracking number to me in the US

  31. Justin Whitesel (verified owner)

    Amazing! Wowza! Got here in 13 days!

  32. rhianmarc (verified owner)

    5/5 my friend. Message me.

  33. rhianmarc (verified owner)

    5/5 my friend. Message me. Hey this is crystallized and I’m fact worth it.

  34. rhianmarc (verified owner)

    5/5 my friend. Message me. Hey this is crystallized and I’m fact worth it. I hope you will always be in stock of this. Don’t forget me!!!!!

  35. Ceown699

    Wow. My rats where in. K hole. Experiment total success. Rcb is the BEST. Do not purchase your research chemicals anywhere else. Best shipping, quality, and service. Thanks!

  36. tsmiad123 (verified owner)

    AMAZING price, AMAZING product! 🙂 Would give a 7 Star review if I could! I Love you RCB family! 🙂

  37. Deeplake (verified owner)

    10plus! First order. First from China. Hope they stick around. Been researching many years so seen a LOT come and go. Just wish they stocked more dissos.

  38. backwoodsinschool (verified owner)

    First order, went extremely well. Packaging was on point too. Good synthesis and came with a free sample too! (make sure to add it to your cart). Highly recommended vendor.

  39. james22222 (verified owner)

    Amazing stuff all my lab rats loved it. Recomend highly!

  40. 2CookieB (verified owner)

    good stuff! good customer service. Research went great. RCB is the place to go!

  41. Robert

    Amazing as always, purity, Timing & overall experiences!!! Thanks again RCB!! You have provided our small research group with more top-notc, lab grade chems with incredible purity compared to other associates and after researching your products, they said that they’ll most definitely be contacting you for bulk !!

  42. John (verified owner)

    Well, it’s going on two months since I placed my order, and two and a half weeks that it’s been in customs. Communication has been fine, and a Reship is supposedly in the process of being shipped. Will update review when/if it comes through.

  43. X-Man

    Rcb has the highest purity product I have tested in my lab.
    Great product, great staff.
    Packaging was great as well.
    Speedy shipping even amongst a world pandemic crisis.

    These guys deserve a medal of Honor for: the time and energy they put into keeping the researchers informed.
    Loyal customer for life……

  44. scientististical (verified owner)

    grade A. thank you for helping further scientific research.

  45. Jordan gerioux (verified owner)

    Product is excellent. Very pure.

  46. Bvghgb33 (verified owner)

    Excellent Product!

  47. Connor Rath (verified owner)

    Great quality, the free sample of Etizolam was great, caused my lab rats to black out for 2 days and dance beside the pool at the hostel during the day pumping music, they had a good time and more research is definitally to be conducted.

  48. Riz (verified owner)

    Research indicates high purity , coupled with psychedelics. Was most euphoric for the lab rats. Good honest business people.

  49. Jordan gerioux (verified owner)

    Product showed up FAST! Thank you RCBO! Haven’t brought to the lab yet but thank you

  50. jake (verified owner)

    Amazing stuff. Even more amazing, my order did not arrive, and they agreed to reship. And here it is, one month later. You guys are the best.

  51. l k (verified owner)

    Very successful research and a great vendor with spectacular customer support! I would give it ten stars if I could.

  52. fortunate1 (verified owner)

    repeat customer – reliable shipping, quality product, good communication… thanks.

  53. Travis (verified owner)

    Wonderful material, can’t wait for this to be restocked.

  54. K.N.

    Great stuff. To bad it won’t be restocked due to Chinese ban of 2-FDCK

  55. SaulGoodman (verified owner)

    So sad no more 2f from them it was awesome

  56. Connor Rath (verified owner)

    Really happy with this website and this analogue, keep up the good work, From Australia 😀

  57. Luke Wilkins

    Waiting on my order for my lab, it should be here tomorrow! I will report back on quality, shipping time etc… But I expect good things from what I hear! Also they have a great team who will address your any questions within 12 hrs they are top notch so far….we will see….

  58. A$$ociateMedical (verified owner)

    Superb 2f dck. The best quality from any vendor since it was on the market. Still not as potent as DCK. But DCK is too strong for some people. This was perfect for the price. Looked exactly like the picture. Ordered months ago, although the order did come quickly. I wish they had more in stock.

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